Im glad you made it here! While the site is not yet functional, we are starting with huge giveaways every day for you all. The site is created so you can earn money by getting % of the sales for refferals, receive free led neon lights or get discount coupons to our shop by engaging in our community activities while at the same time growing in consciousness, expanding the Light within. You will earn points which can be redeemed, these points are:

Power , Wisdom , Love , Harmony , Truth , Peace and Transmutation. .

Here, claim this reward of Love, because Love is all that is, isnt it?

[gamipress_time_based_reward id=”629″]

There will be different paths you can go, depending if you are customer, streamer, influencer, idea giver or just want to engage in our community to get some pocket money.

As you go, you will discover that certain actions give certain points, you can go on a mission and complete quests, claim daily rewards, unlock perks, badges, transfer points, exchange them and all the good stuff that is still to come. We are in Pre-Alpha phase, at the very beginning, so please write to us if you have ideas, or you encounter a bug. Bless you.

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