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How to get points?


1. What are these points?

  • On our website you can earn points for various activities. We divide the points into: Power, Wisdom, Love.

And for premium points: Purity, Freedom, Peace, Truth

2. Why am I collecting them?

  • Thanks to your activity on our website, creating our coummunity, we want to reward you with various prizes. You give something from yourself and we give you our light 🙂

3. Can I exchange them for something?

  • Yes, they can be exchanged for other points, for discount coupons, for our lights and much more.

4. Are the points tied to quests?

  • Yes. Quests are one of the many possibilities and interactions to earn our points.

5. What is leaderboard?

  • This is a ranking that shows who has the most points and thus is the most active on

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